About Trinity Worship Center Moody

Trinity Worship Center came into existence  because of meetings in March, 1999.  Three Pastors met and began to talk about merging the churches into one entity.  They were: A. L. Henderson, Pastor of the Roywood Acres church; Larry Reynolds, Pastor of the Leeds Church; and John Davis, Pastor of the Acmar church.


The Leeds congregation and the Roywood Acres churches began services together in May of 1999.  Both Pastors jointly shared pastoral duties.  In July 1999 the Acmar congregation joined with the other two and Brother John Davis joined the pastoral staff.  Immediately following the merger of the three churches we met in the Roywood Acres facility until the sale of that church and property.  We then began to meet in the Acmar facility for a few months until our present church was finished to the point that we could occupy it.  We moved into our new facility on Mother's Day, 2002.  We had an estimated attendance of 175 on the first Sunday in our new facility with many friends joining us to help celebrate our new church.


It was not until April 25, 2002 when we had the dedication service for the new church facility.  Special guests included Fred S. Fisher Sr., L. V. Jones, and Kenneth Baker.  We had an estimated attendance this day of over 300.  The new facility includes: sanctuary, offices, class rooms, nursery, youth room, children's church department, kitchen, and fellowship hall.


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